Maintenance Services. Grounds Care Services manages every aspect of your garden maintenance through a full-time service and/or a weekly scheduled service.

The full-time service is carried out by full time gardeners who are dedicated to the site and who’s responsibilities include, taking care of the day to day maintenance of the grounds.


  • Planting new plants and/or splitting and replanting existing plants
  • Shaping of flower beds
  • Pruning and shaping of shrubs and hedges
  • Weeding of flower beds and hard surface
  • Pest control and weed control of hard surfaces
  • Mechanical cleaning of roads and hard surfaces
  • Removal of garden refuse

The weekly service is offered on a scheduled basis (if required).


  • Mowing of lawns and trimming of lawn edges
  • Mechanically blowing grass and leaves from hard surfaces
  • Applying fertilizers (as required)
  • Removal of garden refuse

We recommend using the combined services of full time gardeners with the support of the scheduled weekly service as the most cost effective solution as it reduces overall costs and increases efficiency.

Other services that we offer:

In addition to the schedule maintenance services we also offer a number of ad-hoc services

Once–off garden clean-ups are an integral part of renovating existing overgrown and cluttered gardens.

Clean-ups include:

  • re-positioning of plants
  • splitting plants
  • reshaping garden beds
  • cutting back and removing of large creepers
  • removal of invasive vegetation
  • clearing of areas for new landscape features

Tree felling services range from the removal of burdensome trees to seasonal pruning in order to make light and space available to other plant.

A beautiful lawn complements the rest of the garden and makes the whole garden look fantastic. A spring lawn care routine is the best way to spend a little time and effort getting your lawn into shape. Scarifying lawns annually rejuvenates the lawn and boosts new growth. Lawn dressing and fertilizer is applied to increase vigour in bare patches and help prevent weeds.

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