Irrigation Systems and Design

Irrigation Systems. Grounds Care Services provides an irrigation design, installation and repair service to corporate clients. We offer water-efficient systems that will save you money and monthly maintenance costs and that will give you worry-free operation for years to come.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Design and Installation

The main objective of an irrigation system is to supply adequate and timely water to plants. This objective should be considered when designing an irrigation system. Two considerations that help achieve this objective are irrigation zones and irrigation system layout. The hydraulic engineering of the irrigation system is secondary to a good system layout. Proper hydraulic engineering is of little value if the system has not been properly zoned and planned.

Irrigation Zones

Irrigation zones should be selected based upon the plant’s irrigation water requirement and sized according to available water supply.

Lawns are better suited to irrigation by sprinklers, while landscape plants (especially in heavy soils with low water infiltration rates) are better irrigated with micro-spray irrigation. Some zones may require daily irrigation; others require weekly irrigation; and still others may require only bi-monthly or monthly irrigation.

Zone irrigation systems should consider the following:

  • Plants (low water use plants must be separate from high water use)
  • Separate and distinct watering requirements for lawns and flower beds
  •  Exposure to sun and wind
  • Different soil types
  • Different depths of rooting and thus different depths of wetting for trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and lawns
Irrigation System Layout

Controller (time clock) and valves boxes should be located in accessible locations. Controllers should be in a protected area away from the rain and direct sunlight unless they are in a protective enclosure. Before laying out the irrigation system a scale drawing should be made showing the entire property with the location of all plants indicated.

Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance

We repair broken pipes, leaky valves, and cracked or leaking sprinkler heads. If necessary, we will replace your sprinklers or watering system with high-quality products from leading lawn and sprinkler manufacturers, such as Rain Bird.

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